fbSteve and Kate Nelson have been in the health food and supplement business for many years now. They opened their original store, Bountiful Nutrition, in Bountiful, Utah, in October 1992. They owned and operated that store for 24
years. After a good long run, and thinking they were ready to retire and walk away from the health food industry, they closed Bountiful Nutrition in July 2016.
It only took a year to realize that they missed the opportunity of serving their friends and neighbors by providing them with the information, products, and customer service that could help them achieve optimal health, energy, and a renewed zest for life. That’s when TAKE TWO NUTRITION, their newly opened store, was born.

Steve and Kate are definitely “people persons.” While they enjoy earning their
living in the health food and supplement industry, their main objectives in
opening TAKE TWO NUTRITION were: To establish personal relationships and
trust with their clients, who will hopefully become close friends, to provide the
best customer service and health information available anywhere, and to offer
the highest quality local and national products at affordable prices. They believe
that’s a winning combination for their clientele, and the RIGHT WAY to operate a
successful small business.

As far as personal background is concerned, Steve graduated from BYU in April
1973, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He worked for several local banks
in their credit card and mortgage lending departments, in the Financial
Institutions Department of the State of Utah, and as a local school district credit
union President and Manager. Kate graduated from Dixie State College in April
1971, with an Associate Degree Sociology. She worked as a teller, new accounts
associate, and loan secretary, off and on for a local bank. They are the parents of
five grown children, and enjoy six grandchildren.